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Silvia3_2My name is Silvia and I am from Tuscany.
I hold a Second Level Master degree in Didactics of Italian language and culture to foreign people. I specialized in New Technologies applied to the Didactics of Languages.
Among other qualifications, I am responsible and examiner for the official Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language CILS.
I have been teaching Italian since 2007 in Italy and in foreign countries.
I have experience with any profile of students from children to adults.

My accent

I am from Tuscany so I have a very clear Italian accent, which my students tell me is always clear and easy to understand. Please visit the clips or videos pages if you want to hear how
I sound.

My interests

When I am not teaching, I love any kind of outdoor activities such as hiking and going for walks. I also enjoy doing sport, especially aqua gym and Zumba. I love reading, watching movies and cooking.
I have friends from overall in the world, so during my spare time I love keeping in touch with them.

My teaching style and philosophy

I have been working as a one-to-one teacher for many years off line and on line as well. I have spent a lot of time thinking deeply about how to teach this way.
My goal as an Italian teacher is to provide my students with the opportunity to express themselves and their ideas effectively. I am a dynamic teacher with extensive experience teaching a broad spectrum of students.
I regularly create original didactic materials and call on my expertise in didactic investigation to create lesson plans that are individually tailored to each student’s needs and learning style. If you’d like to learn more about my teaching ideas, please visit my teaching blog.

Where I live

I live in Massa, a small town in Tuscany near Pisa and Florence.

Why I teach Italian online

I started teaching online for two main reasons.
The first is that I have always had an interest in technology. I specialized in E-learning and New Technologies applied to Languages. Since I lived in a foreign country for many year, teaching Italian via the Internet gave to me the opportunity to continue teaching Italian to my students.

The second reason is that I wanted the freedom to teach in the way I wanted to. I had lots of previous experience of working in universities and language schools but I wanted to teach in my own style and have complete professional freedom. I was also passionate about teaching one-to-one because I love to see individual students make real progress in their learning. Working online was the perfect way to combine all these things together.

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